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How much energy savings is possible with my building(s)?

Every building is different. We have the tools to make a quick analysis of your building and the amount of energy it uses compared with similar buildings of the same type, usage and climate area. We can easily tell you how your building’s energy cost compare, and what potential savings you may be able to realize.

How does the EnCo site survey process work?

An initial walk-through is scheduled with a member of the EnCo team. This will consist of a general overview of where potential savings can be found in your building. Once these savings are noted, a follow up thorough survey can be scheduled where a detailed analysis will be provided. This analysis will highlight where the most energy savings can be found and an energy control measures plan is then agreed upon.

How much does survey cost?

The initial walk-through is free. A complete, detailed energy survey is provided at an agreed-upon price dependent on the facility size and condition. This price can be absorbed by the overall energy control measures if the Energy Control Measures plan is executed.

Does EnCo guarantee my energy cost savings?

Yes, EnCo has the ability to guarantee the energy cost savings. Multiple models of energy savings can be established for your project. This may vary on a project by project basis.

Is financing available for improvements?

Yes, financing is available for improvements. Multiple avenues of financing are available, ranging from low cost to no cost plans. Service models are available as well that allow the owner to lease equipment.