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Step 1: Survey & Evaluate

We look at how your building is being used and the cost of operation.  Then we compare it to similar buildings in your area and report to you on the potential for savings.

Basics: Building Size, Location and Schedule

Major Energy Consumers:HVAC, Lighting, Equipment

Utility Types and Average Monthly Costs

Comparison to Similar Buildings

Building Calculator - Energy Score

Report on Savings Potential

Step 2: Identify Energy Savings Opportunities

Our experts will perform a complete energy audit of your facility to see exactly where and when energy is being used.  We will look into the efficiency of systems and equipment to identify energy waste.  Results will identify specific cost savings measures.

Utility consumption analysis: Electric, Gas, Water

Facility-wide risk analysis based on latest standards

Evaluate age and efficiency of major equipment

Analyze building envelope: Walls, Windows, Roof

Results: Report Identifying Savings Measures

Specific energy savings improvements Including cost budgets and ROI analysis

Identify available tax rebate and incentive programs

Analysis of project financing alternatives

Step 3: Design and Execute Improvement Projects

Professional design and development of turn-key energy solutions, including lighting, mechanical systems and equipment.  We handle all required engineering design, construction permitting and complete project management.  We can also arrange project financing to relieve capital budget pressures.

Detailed Quotation of Project Scope and Costs

Installation by Licensed Professional Contractors

Professional Design and Turn-key Project Management

Flexible Financing Options Available

Results: Facility Improvements and Lower Operating Costs

Building improvements funded through energy savings

Ongoing savings in operating costs

Step 4: Monitoring to Ensure Results

Continuous monitoring of operations and performance after project completion assures you of a positive return on investment. Reports illustrate the areas of savings and comparison to previous operation.

Real-time data trending of operations and energy consumption

Emailed reports of energy usage and utility costs

Convenient, secure web access to view building performance and schedule

24 x 7 Monitoring to notify you of out-of-normal conditions

Results: Energy Efficient Operation and Documented Savings

Lower utility costs and improved operation are benefits that continue on year after year